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Each month I release a minimum of three new designs. These limited-run series are small, with only 25 pieces made of product, and only 7 art prints. When they are gone, they’re gone! So if you love something, don’t hesitate to order today. 


Art is in itself valuable (Fiber Art, Digital Art, or otherwise), and needs no function or utility to justify its existence. With all that said, I exclusively make art that is meant to be worn, sat upon, hung up, walked on, and otherwise used functionally.


In a world of mass-production, we are often presented with a choice between beauty and utility, as though these are opposites in competition with one another. This is a false binary, and as a Fiber Artist who loves our earth, I hope you find joy and use in whatever you source from me. 


You may have seen reports that the textile industry is rife with noxious chemicals, labor dehumanization, carbon-heavy supply chains and myriad other abuses to our earth and those who inhabit it. Knowing this, I've worked to curate suppliers that cause the least harm possible. 


At a minimum, these products are:

-sweatshop free

-printed using environmentally responsible inks

-use recycled packaging

-are made to order (no waste products!)


When possible:

  • Made in the United States or Canada

  • Fair trade certified

  • Organically-produced fibers

  • Made of natural fibers

  • Offered in extended sizing


I want to offer complete transparency in my supply chain and welcome any question you might have.

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