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Who Am I?

I am an artist and facilitator living and working on the northwest coast of the Salish Sea. My work crosses a number of different industries, including graphic design, project management, conference and event production, land trusts, marketing, facilitation, illustration, farming and food systems, cooperatives, fiber sheds, copywriting, and art for cultural transformation.


As a generalist, I am drawn to projects and organizations that practice relational courage, curiosity, daring, and generosity in the ways they interact with the world around them. If that's you, or you are drawn to this way of being, I am already excited to meet you. Yes you.

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What It's Like To Work With Me

In my work I practice generosity, transparency, as well as enthusiasm for learning and growth.

As a tenacious and creative colleague invested in your success, I value seeing and supporting your big dreams. 


I’ll always bring my whole self, skills, and experiences into our projects and invite you to do the same.



​​"Rhys is a fantastic conference producer and facilitator with an eye to the details and has the capacity to think big, be creative, and problem solve.”

- Cara Pike
Executive Director of Climate Access

How I seek to show up in the world

I collaborate individuals and organizations working to make a more just and interconnected world.

I believe that change is a constant that must be embraced with love in order to reach our fullest potentials as organizations, individuals, and communities. To that end, I place a high value on personal growth, learning new skills and information, and keeping shit real. 


I want the messiness of sharing power, responsibility, and accountability in my relationships at work and outside it, and always welcome you to say that which is uncomfortable.

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Clear Communication

Cross Pollination

Radical Transparency




Lineage of Teachers

A very incomplete list of the people and places from which I have learned and whose thinking deeply informs my work and presence in the world.


My gratitude to those who have contributed to my learning and whose deep inquiry continues to inspire.

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Sun-powered spaces that are beautiful, moveable, and good for the earth. Designed by a diverse team of artists, technologists, ethical producers and regenerative innovators. The new way to go where opportunity and community call you, in the comfort of a space that changes to fit your life.  Find out more


This is a start up, currently finalizing the manufacturing chain. We expect to begin taking pre-orders in 2022

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Temple Spaces

Salmon Nation exists to accelerate a vibrant and growing movement towards healthier, localized, more regenerative economies and communities. Salmon Nation identifies who and what you need to know to invest time, energy, and money towards building a bioregion where people, culture and nature all thrive.


I am part of the Salmon Nation Network, served on the committee for the Festival of What Works in 2020 and 2021, and occasionally get the opportunity to make beautiful graphics.  Find out more.


Salmon Nation

Current Collaborations

The Agrarian Trust is a national organization that seeds and supports a network of grass-roots agricultural land justice organizations around the United States. Their vision supports sustainable food production, ecological stewardship, community vitality, and equitable land access for the next generation of farmers and ranchers. Find out more.


Locally, I serve on the board of the Puget Sound Agrarian Commons, which launched in November 2020.


 Agrarian Trust

kinSHIFT is an Indigenous-led initiative supporting settlers in building relationships with Indigenous peoples and places. Their experiential, arts-based workshops allow participants to learn, practice, ask questions, and make mistakes in a safe environment while building a foundation for engaging with Indigenous peoples. kinSHIFT is a project of IndigenEYEZ, an initiative that has been empowering Indigenous leaders since 2013. Learn more


I run tech for kinSHIFT workshops, supporting with virtual event logistics and ensuring a smooth virtual experience. Additionally, I am co-host of their Mighty Network community and curate content and build online resources. 

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This Indigenous-led course supports school teachers and Aboriginal support workers to foster cultural safety and reconciliation in the classroom. This experiential training supports participants to practice tools that increase their comfort with teaching Indigenous students and topics, creating classrooms that are more inclusive and hold safe space for students to navigate challenging material and conversations. I work with Kelly and the IndigenEYEZ team to adapt the training to an online format, project management, and occasionally co-facilitate.

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IndigenEYEZ: RESPECT Teacher Training

Teachers & Collaborators

Wild Abundance Expeditions

Wild Abundance Expeditions was a 5-day outdoor wilderness adventure camp for fat-bodied folks in the Pacific Northwest organized in collaboration with Mallory Hagel.


With 40+ attendees in two years from up and down the West Coast, participants had opportunities to hike, do a high ropes course, canoe and kayak, and other adventures designed with their bodies in mind. Check out the hashtag on Instagram

Laid to Rest

Green and Growing Community Real Estate

Green & Growing was my two-year ethnographic exploration of the real estate industry. I went in to this work seeking to find a way to witness the deep injustice of our land transactions in the US, and to seek models for repair within the existing legal framework.


After two years of residential real estate sales, I came to the conclusion that there was no ethical way for me as a s white person to financially benefit from private land transactions and closed the business.


I am looking forward to using my real estate license to disrupt land commodification through collaborative co-housing and radical land trusts.

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Clients include

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Let's Connect

I enjoy being in community with all kinds of people and all kinds of spaces. Pick a place (and pace) of connection that feels right for you at this moment.

I’m on social media- sometimes a lot, sometimes only a bit. Follow along for an assortment of shares as varied as my interests.

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