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Art & Design


Color and texture made in deep relationship with place. 

I am a multimedia artist working who has never met a craft that I haven’t wanted to learn. Embracing both analog and digital works- I primarily focus on digital illustration and fiber arts. 

Some of this work arose from within me, some pieces are gifts and ideas communicated through me.  I witness both with gratitude.

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Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration

Art to draw the poison out. An invitation, sensation, with a glance to integration. 

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Request A Commission

Request a Commission

Fiber Arts

Fiber Arts

If I was inclined toward hierarchy, I might say that fiber art is my one true love. While the computer screen has trouble communicating the divine texture of the varied natural fibers with which I work- I hope you will take a moment to imagine the bounce and tuft of these hand-made pieces.

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Art to connect with your biggest fans.

Graphic Design

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Graphic Design
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