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Natural Writing 

Natural Writing is the name of the font that you want to use for any Headers. You can play around with the Header as well by changing the color of a word if a header has more than one word. Natural writing should be used for any titles on marketing material or headers on any digital infrastructure.


Marzo is a secondary header font! Marzo should be used for any subheaders on marketing material or digital infrastructure. 

Lazy Dog

Lazy dog is the button font or a tertiary font that can be used on marketing material to make certain content stand out from the rest. Lazy dog can be used for labels, buttons, infographic support text and any other important content that is not part of the headers on material. 

Poppins Extra Light

Poppins! Poppins is your copy font! Poppins should be used for any body copy on any marketing material or landing page. There are many forms of poppins. Use the one that feels best to you! AND Poppins extra light will be the best for creating a visual hierarchy for your audience to engage with your content in a way that feels supportive to their ability to retain information. 


The Primary Colors for Rhy-T Hansen include these 4 primary based colors to the left.  

Primary colors are part of Rhys-T Hansen's brand for their pop factor. Much like Rhys's art, primary colors of the brand reflect the loud, eclectic, uniqueness of Rhys, their offerings and their art. 


The Secondary Colors for Rhy-T Hansen include these 4 colors to the left.  

These colors are to be used as accents on any marketing material and digital infrastructure. For example: to highlight a word in a header or in body copy or as a background color to place other assets like text or graphics. 


These icons for Rhys - T Hansen are taken right from their artwork. An amazing way to pull their personality through their brand, use these icons as accents on any marketing material or branded material created for Rhys - T Hansen. Have fun with these!


Wave 6 - White.png
Wave 6 - Black.png
Wave 5 - Black.png
Wave 4 - Black.png
Wave 3 - Black.png
Wave 2 - Black.png
Wave 1 - Black.png

Download icons in white and black by clicking the button below.


To continue to pull Rhys through their brand, we've used their illustrations as design assets to enhance their brands pop, electricity, and uniqueness. Below you will find many of Rhys's illustrations. Use these illustrations as backgrounds for design assets like photos, text, and logos. 

Use these illustrations to create visual interest on any Rhys-T Hansen branded content. 


See website. 

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